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Monday, August 12, 2013

curried potato and chickpea magic

This is by far one of the best dishes I've made. The original recipe is here:

The thing is, I wasn't in the mood to ingest all of that extra oil from frying the patties, and I also didn't feel like eating a burger bun. I've had a headache today that I just can't shake--part of me thinks it's due to the weather shifting, and part of me think it's because I slept in way too late yesterday, throwing off my natural rhythm. I had some raw juice at lunch and I've been trying to drink plenty of water, and I'm also forcing myself to stay awake at least until 9:30 and then go to bed and get a really good night's sleep.

I figured that with dinner I should avoid extra grease and extra carbohydrates, hoping it might help chase away the headache. So I followed the recipe in the link above and simply stopped after the point where I added more bread crumbs and let the mixture cool. I put a big scoop of the mixture on top of organic greens that I lightly dressed with balsamic crema. The result? FABULOUS.

My fiance agreed that this is one of his new favorite dishes, and he ate it just like I did, atop a salad. It's vegan, easy, and SUPER delicious. I just don't know how you could make it taste bad, even if you tried.

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