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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

a briny new love

It's official. I'm obsessed with wildbrine.

Seriously, their "bold" sliced pickles are the best damn pickles I've ever had in my life. On the website they call them "courageous" pickles, but the package I picked up in the local organic food store says "bold." 

The pickles have excellent heat to warm your mouth, plenty of garlicky goodness, and, as their website describes, a slight smoky note. My fiance said they smell like pork! Um, gross, because I don't eat my friends the piggies, but thankfully his comment did not deter me from stuffing my face with these pickles.

Today I tried the horseradish kimchi, and holy mother of cabbage--I could eat this stuff all day long!

The pickles and kimchi are raw, chock full of flavor like you wouldn't believe, and naturally probiotic (let all of our gut bacteria rejoice!). They are fermented through brining, which, as the website says, "maintains the health benefits of raw food, boosting its nutritional value, and delivering deliciously complex and balanced flavors." The products taste like they have vinegar in them but no vinegar is used to create their intense flavors.

Ask your local natural foods store if they carry wildbrine, and if they don't, demand it! Your taste buds (and your gut!) will thank you.

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