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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Oh my, Oyamel

My honey and I had a fabulous date day on Sunday. I call it a date "day" because it really was an entire day, not just a date night.

We started off at church, where I played hand bells in our last song before we broke for the summer. After church, we went on a long walk, exploring a route we'd never taken before. It was fun to try something new, a long loop near my old neighborhood, and sure, we did get caught in a summer rain shower and we did have to hold our noses as we quickly moved past a poor dead raccoon at one point, but it was an adventure, one we did together, and it was fun.

I briefly went shopping for some DIY wedding supplies, and then we ended up at Oyamel, a Mexican restaurant in Washington, DC near the Archives/Navy Memorial. I've been wanting to eat there for the longest time, and I'm so glad we finally went! The food was excellent.

My darling decided, after eating, that he likes El Centro D.F. better. Oyamel has a noveau twist--it was a little too "exotic" and creative for him. Still, we both enjoyed all of our food and we each tried something new (horchata for him, cactus paddle for both of us). The plates are small and meant to be shared, and we didn't shy away from ordering plenty. We had to walk around outside for a few blocks afterward so we weren't waddling back to the car!

Our menu:

We started off with homemade, tableside guacamole, chips, and salsa, and I ordered a blood orange chile pequin margarita--a delicious concoction with a spicy kick!!

The first plate to arrive was papas al mole. They were actually papas fritas (french fries), but that didn't deter me. I'm the only one who likes mole, so I got to eat it all to myself.

Our quesadillas came next. I had quesadilla huitlacoche (I talked about huitlacoche when we visited El Centro D.F.). It had this wonderful sweet corn salsa in it, was served with a spicy salsa verde, and was one of our favorite dishes of the evening. His quesadilla was a special seasonal one, and it had nice big crunchy chunks of asparagus in it. Yum!

He had seared scallops with chile, pumpkin seed sauce, orange, pumpkin oil, and pepitas (Cayo de hacha con pipian de chile pasilla), as well as a Yucatan-style pit BBQ pork taco with pickled red onion and Mexican sour orange (Cochinita pibil con cebolla en escabeche). I don't eat meat or seafood, so I didn't want either, but he assured me they were both great.

We shared an amazing Brussels sprouts plate that had chile de arbol sauce, pepitas, peanuts, and lime (Col de bruselas estilo San Quintin). It really was remarkable, though, we both agreed, a little on the salty side. I ate most of the cactus paddles (Nopal asado con salsa molcajete), and loved every bite!

We split a horchata for dessert. Their desserts sounded marvelous, and I really wanted to try one, but we both were so stuffed that we couldn't bring ourselves to order one, not even to share.

If you love Mexican that is more authentic than your everyday Pancho Villa's on the side of a highly-developed street and are willing to try a few new flavor combinations, I highly recommend Oyamel.

Below: decorations at our booth.

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