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Saturday, June 1, 2013

new for summer

So it may not technically be summer just yet (the summer solstice is Friday, June 21 this year), but in my mind it's already here. Schools are letting out, the cicadas in northern Virginia are buzzing loudly like the din of heavy machinery, the temperature has been in the 90's for the past several days, and shorts, sandals, and breezy dresses are making their way back into my wardrobe.

I'm welcoming summer early and in the spirit of a new season I'm sharing five new things I'm excited about:

1. Mango sorbet: mango isn't my favorite fruit, but recently my sister, brother-in-law, and I made homemade sorbet by blending half fresh, half frozen mango with a little bit of water. No sugar is needed if your mangoes are ripe enough (ours were!), and it's a super yummy, healthy, perfect-for-summer snack.

2. Donut World doughnuts: I've always loved doughnuts, but after Dunkin Donuts sort of re-branded themselves I lost a taste for theirs, and Krispy Kremes can sometimes make me feel like I've got diabetes settling in after eating them. When I last visited family in Greensboro, NC, I was introduced to the magical wonder that is Donut World. You must believe me when I say they are the best doughnuts I've ever had in my life, even beating out Mexican doughnuts from a panaderia in Guadalajara and homemade doughnuts at a church's Fastnacht (celebration before Ash Wednesday, on Fat Tuesday/Mardi Gras night). If you ever find yourself in Greensboro, NC, don't miss out on these.

3. Elderflower lemonade: I found this gem at Whole Foods, and it's got a touch of sparkly fizz, a delicious flavor, and it's small enough to fit in your purse if you need to sneak it into a movie, say, Fast and Furious 6 (hello, fun summer movies!).

4. Hula hooping: I never knew how to do this as a kid, but my sister recently trained me on how to swing a hoop around your hips. It's tons of fun and I find myself sweating in mere minutes--a great way to exercise! I bought my own hoop last night and I can't wait to start swinging. I'll bet it's a great way to get swimsuit ready, too!

5. HBO's True Blood! The new season starts on June 16. Now that I have to wait for Grimm to start back up in the fall, I have my favorite summer guilty pleasure to hold me through until then (as well as a ton of DVR to catch up on!).

What are you excited about for this summer?

Below: I'm also excited to see my plant continuing to grow!


  1. Yay for hula hooping! Have you tried it out yet?

    1. Yes! I tried it out yesterday. You're a great teacher, because I was not stopping!