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Thursday, May 2, 2013

a happy surprise

This morning as I was working from home, the male bird who's been nesting with his mate on our balcony was singing quite joyfully on the railing.

He sang his little heart out, then flew away. I looked over at the nest, and the female was sitting there, having listened to his serenade. She's been sitting on the nest for long periods of time, so we have suspected that there were eggs.

Later, however, the male returned, and it looked like he was feeding something (or things!) in the nest!

We decided to investigate when the male and female were both away from the nest, using a stepladder and a mirror.


It's so hard to see, and we didn't want to linger for too long in case the parents returned and became distressed. There were little fuzzies in the nest, moving around but not making much noise (we think we may have heard an occasional peep).

Several minutes after we had returned inside, both mom and dad came back to the nest. It looked like the father bird was trying to feed the chickies, while the mother was flapping her wings wildly, and maybe even trying to sneak a little bit of regurgitated food for herself. After he left, it looked like she was feeding them as well.

Both parents have been leaving and returning frequently, feeding the babies all day. I can't wait to see them grow!

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