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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

the birds and the bees and springtime

When we were younger, my parents took my sisters and me to some bog gardens in our home city. We witnessed a female duck being chased by a male duck; the male duck kept trying to drag her, in mid-flight, back down to the water. Horrified, we asked our mom, "Why is the male duck doing that to her?" My mom replied in a sing-song, Mary Poppins-esque voice, "Because it's SPRIIIIIING!!"

The two house finches that have been nesting on our balcony are displaying courting behavior. We've always noticed them hanging out together, but lately it seemed that the male was feeding the female. I did some internet research, and found a Cornell Lab of Ornithology web page that says, "During courtship, males sometimes feed females in a display that begins with the female gently pecking at his bill and fluttering her wings. The male simulates regurgitating food to the female several times before actually feeding her." Ah, young love.


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