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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

cheers to the happy couple

I'm home from work again today (although today was a little more bearable than yesterday), and while I was working on my laptop next to the balcony window, I was lucky to watch my new little neighbors.

They hang out in the tree together, so I'm pretty sure they are a pair. I noticed that there was a new addition to the nest: a little blue string.

The female accidentally pulled part of it out when she flew away, and came back to find the end dangling. She worked to pull it back into the nest and put everything back in its place.

The male has beautiful red markings on his head, breast, and back, but he doesn't do much when it comes to building the nest or defending it, at least as far as I have seen. As sneaky as I try to be, sometimes when I've approached the balcony door the female catches sight of me. She'll fly up to the door and flap her wings and make some chatter, which I think is her scare tactic. The male always stays safely at a distance in the cherry blossom branches. Lazy? I think so. Cowardly? Perhaps. Beautiful? Absolutely.

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