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Monday, March 11, 2013

beautiful transition

I am one to embrace change. No, really, I do! I've made huge life-changing decisions in the past, and many of which have taken some courage I usually don't realize I have.

That being said, some transitions are harder than others. I'm going through a lot of personal transition at the moment--discovering new passions, realizing old passions that were forgotten but are screaming to be rekindled, learning so much more about myself than I ever knew, and continuing to work towards simplification and prioritization with many things in my life.

This latest round of transition has been anything but easy, and to top it off, I had a full-blown migraine set in last week and it is just now wrapping up, taking its sweet time to say goodbye.

Time to stop being a hero, in the words of a wise teacher. I went to the doctor today and we have a two-part plan that we both think will be successful in preventing and knocking out my killer headaches in the future. So many people have told me that I need to take care of me. Why do people have to tell me that? Shouldn't there be a "duh" thrown in there somewhere? But that's my M.O. It takes a whole community of friends and family to tell me I need to take care of myself before I do. And then I do, and it's great!

The other headache I have is a metaphorical one. No medicine can cure it, and it's pure anxiety and stress-driven, although some of the anxiety is positive anxiety--the type of excitement generated just as you're about to leap into the wild unknown as you follow your heart or your dreams or whatever you're following at the moment. My own prescription has been seeking support. A close friend and a close family member have been my sounding boards and my guidance counselors, my listeners and advisers. There's nothing better than having loved ones tell you that they've been there, on the brink of disappointing others or on the verge of jumping into some scary unknown space--but they jumped anyway, because in the end it was what they needed for their own life and great change was what resulted from such bravery and gumption.

I love it when people share their wisdom with me or when they share someone else's wisdom with me, and I like to pay it forward when I can. On prioritizing and dealing with personal (and perceived outsider) expectations, I found this article to be truly inspiring. On feeling the universe support me, this video motivated me to change my perspective (thanks, Genevieve!).

Classical music does wonders to calm my mind (and, I know it sounds silly, but Maroon 5's latest album, Overexposed, was such a fun escape during the weekend whenever noise wasn't making it my head throb with searing pain). Even though I'm already a health nut, I'm trying to cut back from sugar and white flours (I'll never go all the way and be without them completely--life is too short!) because I know I've had headaches from consuming too much of them (recent case: I had a piece of birthday cake and 10 minutes later a headache was pounding my brain). I rarely drink coffee anymore, because not only do I get a headache after the caffeine wears out, but the crash also makes me nauseous.

Finally, I bought even more plants to put in my home; these plants are proven air purifiers, and plus they look pretty. I recently read an article titled "The Beauty Imperative" by Satish Kumar. The article talks about how "beauty is a necessity and not a luxury." Human beings require beauty in their lives and surroundings, and human and natural architecture should complement each other, not clash with each other. Nature provides us with an abundance of beauty (as long as we don't destroy it), and I'm trying to also surround myself with things that might not be in the dictionary's definition of "beautiful" but are still beautiful nonetheless, such as appreciation for simple things, friends who bring uncomplicated joy, family members who love each other no matter our differences, and the beauty of dreams realized. Transition might be hard, but when I remember and am reminded of how beautiful it can be on the other side of that transition, it makes it all the more easier to jump.

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