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Sunday, January 20, 2013

the light in you

Happy Inauguration Day! I attended a yoga class today, and the instructor said that America was her theme  for our practice for the evening. No matter our political affiliations, she encouraged us to celebrate our country, our opportunities, and a day where we embrace our leaders, current and past. The fact that tomorrow is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is also not lost on me. What a historic weekend, and what progress we have made together as a nation.

Our practice tonight was filled with modern songs that ranged from patriotic to uplifting to calming, and most carried the theme of loving each other, getting along, coming together, and remaining strong.

No matter your political affiliation and no matter your nationality, no matter your views on issues and no matter what cultures are a part of your life, the light inside of me recognizes and honors the light inside of you.


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