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Thursday, December 27, 2012

green noodle goodness

I love to eat different kinds of foods; growing up with a chef (dad) in the house was an incredible gift and provided my sisters and I with palates that crave diversity and complexity. I get even more excited when I learn how to make something I absolutely love to eat.

My friend Villa and I used to work together, and she used to bring in these fabulous green noodles for lunches. After she first let me try some one day, every time I saw green noodles I'd get all excited for another taste. I begged her to tell me how to make them, and she was more than happy to oblige! They are surprisingly easy to make, and oh-so-delicious to eat. I've made them for a variety of family and friends, and they are always a hit.

I don't actually have a recipe written down; it's one of those recipes that was explained by telling stories, that doesn't have exact measurements, but is simple enough to remember and hard to get wrong (the best kind of recipe in my mind!). Here's my version of Villa's green noodles:

  • 16 oz of uncooked whole wheat spaghetti
  • 1 pound of organic fresh baby spinach
  • plenty of fresh organic basil
  • 8 oz of queso fresco (buy organic or hormone-free if possible!)
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • salt
  • garlic powder

Boil water for your pasta. While your water is boiling and while the pasta is cooking, start adding fresh spinach and basil to a blender. Don't pack it in too tight, but fill it up almost all the way to the top. Next, add equal parts of olive oil and water to the blender so that the spinach is able to blend. You don't want to add too much, because you don't want your noodles to be too soupy; however, you want to add enough so that when you end up blending ALL of that spinach and basil together (start small and keep adding more and more spinach and basil), you'll have a nice liquid mixture that's not too thick and not too thin. After you blend the spinach that is in the blender and more room is created in the blender, add more spinach and basil and blend. Repeat until you have blended all the spinach and basil, and then add your queso fresco and blend well. When your pasta has finished cooking, drain well and put back in the pot. Add your green spinach/basil/queso fresco liquid to the pasta in the pot and start cooking over medium heat, stirring constantly. You want the pasta to start bubbling, and once it's started bubbling for about a minute (keep stirring!), it will be done. As it's heating up and you're still stirring, add salt and garlic powder to taste. After you've seasoned it and as you're cooking it, the green noodles smell phenomenal. And wait until you've had your first bite!

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