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Friday, November 2, 2012

restoration hardware

I love a good yoga workout, such as a fast-paced and challenging vinyasa class that ends up being an empowering sweat fest. Tonight, however, after being crunched, crammed, and cramped into airplanes, taxis, desks, and tight schedules over the past week, a long candlelight restorative yoga class was my ticket to ultimate relaxation.

I've already mentioned in my previous post the need to find time for a break when one can, and as much as classical music, reading a good book, and spending time outdoors can help quiet my mind, sometimes my body, or "hardware," needs to be refreshed and rejuvenated as well. The restorative yoga class I took focused on holding supported poses for long amounts of time, such as 12-15 minutes; we used props such as bolsters and blankets to that our muscles didn't do any extra work. The instructor explained that it takes time to actually relax into poses, and I know that to be true for myself--I don't have a magical switch that instantly puts me into "relaxation mode."

While I'm very eager to get back into my routine of consistent workouts and much more healthy eating (traveling on the road for a week eating heavy, salty, sweet foods and having limited time to exercise does nothing to prevent bloat and that annoying "blah" feeling!), I recognized that before I jump back into my old habits, I really needed to take time to tune everything external out and put everything internal back into alignment. Just as I don't expect to face a challenge in the wrong frame of mind or approach my daily tasks without being mentally prepared, I can't go back to my standby routine without ensuring that my body is physically ready. I don't want to drive my car if the tire alignment is get the picture.

Next week I'll visit the chiropractor before my trip to Florida, and upon my return from Florida I'll visit the spa. How do you keep your "hardware" properly recharged?

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