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Sunday, November 18, 2012

potato spinach soup

I made this soup the other day using a Vitamix recipe as a guideline (I altered it some), and it's so good I thought I'd share! The soup is thick, hearty, healthy, and GREEN!

First I'll give you the recipe that the Vitamix book provides, and then I'll tell you how I modified it.

Veggie broth and potatoes: check! No changes there.

Be sure to scrub your potatoes, and leave the skin on for extra nutrition and fiber!

Above: my little veggie scrubby buddy.

Instead of using a quarter of an onion, I used a whole shallot.

I had fresh rosemary on hand, so I used that instead of dried rosemary. Just a sprig should be good enough, but I added just a tad bit more because I love rosemary flavor.

Instead of using three tablespoons of frozen spinach, I used about a half cup. My modified version of the recipe yielded about 8 cups instead of 7.

Finally, I doctored it up with some organic garlic powder, Bragg's nutritional yeast, and seaweed flakes. You could try different things, such as organic cheese or vegan sour cream.


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