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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

ayurvedic balancing retreat (aka, a miracle)

Yesterday was a miracle. Okay, no, it wasn't an actual miracle. But I felt so relaxed, peaceful, calm, grateful, and joyful after my spa appointment (an "Ayurvedic Balancing Retreat"), and all this during a very, very hectic and stressful time, that it really did feel like a miracle.

I go to a local spa that uses organic, natural, and non-toxic products. I have a favorite therapist and I try to book her for all my appointments; this means I am already relaxed in her presence, since we know each other and are used to each other, and we can talk easily when I want to talk and/or ask questions and she is respectfully quiet when I just want to zone out.

My appointment yesterday began with a Bindi Herbal Body Polish. Here's the description from their website: "Renew your skin by using an aromatic blend of herbs and oils prepared according to Indian beauty traditions, this treatment offers relaxation and nourishment to the body and mind. Includes herbal body exfoliation and application of warm Ayurvedic oils from Tara Ayurveda." The neat thing about this herbal body polish is that it's activated with water, so each time it's used it's fresh. After she scrubbed me down, I showered it off and she applied the oils to my skin.

Next, I experienced the Shirodhara Ritual--bring on the miracle. Warm herbal packs were placed in my stomach and on my hands and feet. The smell in the room was amazing! Warm herbal oil was dripped on my forehead (the third eye area), and as it ran down the top of my head, my therapist massaged it into the scalp and really worked it into my hair. I became so relaxed and worry-free, I fell asleep! Not only did it feel and smell wonderful, but she gave me a terry cloth cap to wear for the rest of the night and said I could shower out the oil in the morning, making for an excellent deep moisturizing treatment! My hair this morning was so silky soft after my shower; I plan on reusing that cap with some coconut oil sometime!

I ended the evening with an Ayurvedic Facial. By the time I left, I felt like I was glowing from head to toe and all of the tension had melted away. I talked on the phone, and my own voice sounded different to me. It's not like I can afford to do this all the time, but the timing could not have been more perfect...I really, really needed this.

Of course today was rough, driving to work early and sitting at my desk or in meetings all day, remembering the beauty of the night before. But the important thing is that I remember how I felt just afterward, and working towards that feeling is something I look forward to doing.

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