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Sunday, October 7, 2012

kombucha goodness

I love kombucha, and have loved it for years and years. Every time I drink some, I get happy.

After grocery shopping in a very hectic and crowded Whole Foods this morning, getting jostled in the hustle and bustle and enduring move-it-along looks from other shoppers, I made a U-turn from heading toward the checkout and instead went toward the refrigerated beverages section. It's been a long week--working overtime at my day job and fulfilling/juggling commitments outside of work, trying to find time to clean the condo and keep up with other chores, and somehow managing minimal exercise in between so my muscles don't think they are taking a permanent vacation. This weekend, I'm trying to regain some of my vim and vigor. Yesterday, I went to the farmer's market (always a joy) in the morning, basking in the warm sunshine, and later enjoyed the company of family. Today, it's cold and rainy, and the crowds of Whole Foods seemed to drain me of my energy. As I pushed my cart firmly and intentionally toward the refrigerated beverages section of Whole Foods (out of my way, screaming children and impatient shoppers!), I had one thing on my mind: kombucha!

I came home, unpacked my groceries, and did some light cleaning. In an oval ramekin, I put down a layer of cooked, organic spaghetti squash with spicy marinara, dusted it generously with organic chipotle powder (my sinuses: all clear!), and topped it with just a bit of organic, local, raw cheddar cheese (I try not to eat dairy as much I can help it, but today was just a day when I craved some cheese). I popped it in the oven (300 degrees) for about 15 minutes, and after it was done baking, I curled up on the couch, snuggled up in a blanket, ate my little spaghetti squash melt, and then sipped on my kombucha while enjoying the next episode of Downton Abbey on my Netflix disc (I'm hooked on this show!). Now, I'm about to some peaceful and relaxing yoga. Although I still have a meeting to attend later this evening, this moment of respite, this treat to myself and a break from the helter skelter, was just what I needed.

Never tried kombucha before? Give it a whirl! It has a very unique flavor, so prepare yourself for a slightly fermented taste. It's fizzy like soda pop, but it's infinitely better for your body than soda. Even just looking at the bottle makes me happy!

Above: see the goodness floating at the bottom of the bottle? While I drink kombucha, I'll occasionally recap the bottle and turn it upside down and right side up repeatedly (not shaking it, just turning it) so that all of the goodness gets redistributed.

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