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Monday, October 15, 2012

acorn squash soup

I promise I'm not a sales rep for Vitamix. I just can't help but share the wondrous things I make with it! Compared to what I was using before, this thing is the Rolls Royce of blenders. Here's the recipe for acorn squash soup that the Vitamix book gives:

Instead of using chicken broth and evaporated milk, I use vegetable broth and hemp milk.

I also find that while Vitamix is trying to be really cool and let you get your soups hot from the blender, I don't like to blend mine for four or five minutes, simply because they get too foamy (I learned this when making the zucchini soup). I ask for my lattes with no foam, so no foam for my soups, too! I just blend until smooth, then heat the soup on the stove or in the microwave.

Now before you start asking, "Why do you have a whole acorn squash when the recipe calls for half of one?," I'll let you know that I doubled the recipe. Before you get started with the soup, slice your acorn squash in half, place face-down on aluminum foil on a cookie sheet, and bake at 400 degrees for 45 minutes. That skin will peel right off once the squash has cooled (don't burn your fingers!). Also, don't forget to discard of the seeds and stringies on the inside--they're not meant for your soup!

(In my best Homer Simpson voice): mmmm, carmelized acorn squash, mmmmmmmm.....

Squash goes in the blender...

...then veggie broth and hemp milk...bombs away!...

...and add a generous pour of the love of my life maple syrup (no joke--mom and dad, stop reading this--I used to sneak multiple spoonfuls of maple syrup from the bottle when I was younger, and I'm afraid my adult self still isn't over the unique and perfect flavor that is maple; and it has to be the real deal, no fake crap in my kitchen!). I actually didn't go overboard with the syrup; I probably only added a tablespoon, maybe one and a half.

Top off with a sprinkle of pumpkin pie spice and blend away!

The result? A beautiful, light, caramel-colored soup that tastes great and is healthy. Notice I added NO salt and the veggie broth I used was low sodium. I find that the complex flavors of the squash, maple, veggie broth, and dash of pumpkin pie spice (notice I changed the way I spiced the soup) are interesting enough and satisfying to the point where I don't need salt. Others may disagree and want to add salt to their soup, and I say go for it! Just don't use a heavy hand, and your heart will thank you.

This soup goes very well with my carrot buckwheat bread, a culinary creation I invented trying to use up some ingredients lying around the house! Stay tuned for that recipe soon!

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