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Saturday, August 11, 2012

banana pancake kind of day

There's a Jack Johnson song about banana pancakes, pretending like it's the weekend, and lying lazy inside rather than going outside where it's raining. This morning I woke up and sensed the lingering presence of rain from overnight, and immediately the song came into my head. I didn't have to pretend like it was the weekend, because it's Saturday, but staying indoors and lazing about wasn't an option--I was volunteering at the therapeutic horse riding center this morning. Volunteering was rewarding, as usual, and today we went on a trail which had been washed clean from the recent rain; everything looked darker from being refreshed from the rain and the green leaves popped gloriously amidst the rich brown tree trunks. Interacting with the kids and the horses and the exposure to sunshine lifted my spirits and I forgot my initial want of a lazy day. Leading a horse during lessons, grooming and untacking horses after lessons, and cleaning grooming boxes gave me a boost in endorphins, and that satisfied feeling that comes from being productive, helping others, and exercising settled in. Three and half hours later and after a much-needed shower, I decided that even though I couldn't have a lazy day today, it still was the weekend and according to Jack Johnson (and my growling stomach) a banana pancake was in order. Not just any banana pancake, but a chocolate chip one. I believed I earned it. And Jack Johnson told me it was OK.

Below: organic sprouted grain pancake with an organic banana and organic Theo sipping chocolate bits mixed in, finished with a splash of maple syrup.

I'm a huge fan of Jack Johnson, not only because his music is wonderful, but also because he promotes environmental education and works toward a greener planet. Oh yes, and he's incredibly handsome! For more on Jack Johnson, his music, and his efforts in improving our footprint on planet Earth, visit his website.

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