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Sunday, July 15, 2012

watching the weather

During church this evening, I kept getting distracted by the weather outside. The sermon was wonderful and the music inspiring, but I'm such a weather nerd that I can't help but give it my attention. My mom at one point thought I might end up a meteorologist when I was younger, so fascinated was I by what was going on in the sky. My friend Coley and I watched programs about tornado chasers, dreaming that one day we might be doing the same thing. I've always been a fan of the strong, summer storms that sweep through the south; growing up in North Carolina was such a fun way to watch the weather.

On the way to church earlier in the afternoon, the clouds were scattered across the sky in a vast array of grey--different shades, highlights here, darkness there, and puffs popping out in different places so that the whole sky looked like pages from a cool pop-up book. The humidity in the air and the wind blowing the leaves upside down and all around foretold of a storm, and sure enough, after the service was over and I was mingling in the churchyard, veins of bright lightning pulsed in the sky.

After spending a little bit of time at a reception, my friend Gloria and I decided to bolt for it since the sheets of rain that had been pouring down had slowed to a steady but light shower where we wouldn't get drenched. Gloria didn't have an umbrella, and she said she didn't mind because she loved the rain. In her words, she also said that she did not dislike storms, because she always knew that sunshine was around the corner. We were just exiting the courtyard at this point, looked up, and lo and behold, there was a double rainbow!! I used to see them more often in my childhood, so I get really excited when I see them now.

Gloria and I stood in the gentle, warm rain as the sun was shining, admiring the beautiful colors in the sky. Neither of us had a camera or phone on us, so we just stood there and appreciated the moment, soaking up the scene so we could remember the beauty of it later. On my drive back home, the direction toward which I was driving was very dark, the sun forgotten and the clouds all merged into one dark grey canvas. The coolest thing was that the rainbow was still visible in the darkness; it was still raining, and the colors were still somehow illuminated in beautiful contrast against the dark sky. As I crossed a bridge, white birds were flying in front of the rainbow and the darkness, and it looked, quite simply, perfect.

Below: pictures taken by David Horvath (my stepdad) in November 1995.

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